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Scipress gives technical authors the tools they need to create stunning and engaging technical content with the option to monetize via paywalls.

Write content in Markdown - a simple, universal syntax for prose that takes minutes to learn!
Online editor
Avoid the headaches of installing and updating tools on your local machine.
Wrap content in a 'gate' tag to make a paywall. Sell access via monthly, quarterly, annual, or lifetime subscriptions.
Private posts
Create a private knowledge base that only you and select people can see.
Organize posts
Group related posts into hierarchies like a book with chapters.
Automatic Backups
Posts are backed up on every save. Fetch and restore an old version in seconds.
Tailwind CSS
Use Tailwind CSS classes to veer from our out-of-the-box styling.
Lucide Icons
Decorate your posts with Lucide SVG icons.
Use KaTeX (a LaTeX-like syntax) to write beautiful mathematical formulas and equations.
Syntax Highlighting
Create stunning code blocks with language-aware syntax highlighting.
SEO Optimization
Decorate your post with a uniqe description and photo for web crawlers and social share cards.
Turn on comments to get feedback from your readers. (est. Sep 2024)

No out-of-pocket costs.

Only pay when you earn.

Scipress charges authors 10% + $0.30 per sale.

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Frequently asked questions

Still have questions?Reach out to usand we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

How much does it cost?
It's free to read, write, and host content. If you sell access to paywalled content, Scipress collects 10% + $0.30 per sale. ...but selling content is not required!
How will people find my content?
The primary ways people wll find your content are 1. Google Search, 2. Your own promotion on social media, and 3. Our Discover page.
Can I write posts with AI, like ChatGPT?
You can use AI as a helpful tool, but you're not allowed to farm content from AI. The bulk of your work should be original.
If I publish a post on Scipress, who owns it?
You. We don't claim ownership of the content you write. Feel free to cross post your own content on other platforms like Medium, Substack, DEV, etc.
Can I use a custom domain?
Not yet. We might implement this in the future, but don't hold your breath!
Can I customize the HTML and CSS of my content?
Essentially, yes. You can inject HTML into a post and use Tailwind CSS classes to style it. However, we don't allow custom JavaScript, and you can't modify our out-of-the-box navigation system.