If you want to make your first HTML5 game, you've come to the right place! What could be a better game to start with than creating Snake? It's one of those timeless classics that never gets old. If you've ever owned a Nokia, this may induce some nostalgia - you have been warned!

Want a sneak peek of what we will be developing? Check out this demo!

Target audience

This course is written to be be approachable for those who are beginners at JavaScript. If you have absolutely no experience with JavaScript at all, but you have a curious mind and a motivated attitude, you will still be able to follow along! I have sprinkled this course with links to the JavaScript documentation on the Mozilla Developer Network, which will help you get your bearings. I plan to write more HTML5 game development courses, in which I will introduce intermediate and advanced JavaScript concepts.

Each chapter of this course has companion-code in this repository on codeberg broken down by chapter so that you can follow along with me.

A bit about HTML5

Using some of the technologies introduced in the HTML5 spec, we can use JavaScript to create video games that run right in your browser. This is the ultimate distribution method for games! Anyone on any platform from Windows to macOS, Linux, iOS, or Android can find and play your game in a matter of seconds. For those of us who like the JavaScript programming language, we couldn't be in better luck.

Ready to get started?