Matthew Allen

Release Your Creativity, Make It Pop

About Me

I'm a creative artist that enjoys to create front-end websites for clients big & small, and as a hobby but, now I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and teaching others my methods of design & how to conquer the world of front-end development.

There are many different issues when creating websites even in 2024, an even more to learn with the thousands of frameworks & libraries that can combine flawleslly with eachother in todays ecosystem.


--> I'm very experienced in many different languages but I am most talented with React, JavaScript, HTML, SASS, CSS, Tailwind.

--> My choice of framework is RaidxUI, Material UI, Evergreen also in combnation with NextJs or React.

I use many different applications throughout my tutorials and will include all files as needed, I've been provided with so many oppurtunites over the years and I am proud to be able to share my knowledge with like-minded inviduals.

What To Expect

--> As of April, I plan to start releasing the first tutorials on web development and making designs pop. (Straying away from normal everyday dull designs) These are far to common on the internet today, the same gray background and the same rounded buttons with color schemes that don't seem to even match.

--> I will teach as if you were a beginner, this is just for the first tutorials being released. Eventually, intermediate and advanced classes will be added to the course.

--> I plan on making an entire course focusing on web development and design, with 3 tiers.

--> Release date is yet to be announced.

:. Thank you for visiting and reading about me and my skills, I look forward to continuing my journey with you as we advance into the Fundementals of Front-End Web Development. .: