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The public dataset bigquery-public-data.irs_990 contains filings data for IRS Form 990, for organizations exempt from paying income tax in the U.S. (e.g. "non profits"). One such company is TRUSTEES OF PRINCETON UNIVERSITY identified by ein = 210634501.

See how much investment income Princeton University reported in each year they filed form 990. The column of interest is invstmntinc and the tables of interest are irs_990_2012, irs_990_2013, irs_990_2014, irs_990_2015, irs_990_2016 and , irs_990_2017.

Expected Result

ein invstmntinc table_id
210634501 624637000 irs_990_2012
210634501 366150000 irs_990_2013
210634501 150041000 irs_990_2014
210634501 1227923000 irs_990_2015
210634501 1876950000 irs_990_2016
210634501 1296466000 irs_990_2017


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