Ben Gorman

Ben Gorman

Life's a garden. Dig it.

You polled five heterosexual couples on their hobbies.

import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
couples = pd.DataFrame({
    'man': [
        ['fishing', 'biking', 'reading'],
        ['hunting', 'mudding', 'fishing'],
        ['reading', 'movies', 'running'],
        ['running', 'reading', 'biking', 'mudding'],
        ['movies', 'reading', 'yodeling']
    'woman': [
        ['biking', 'reading', 'movies'],
        ['fishing', 'drinking'],
        ['knitting', 'reading'],
        ['running', 'biking', 'fishing', 'movies'],
#                                    man                               woman
# 0           [fishing, biking, reading]           [biking, reading, movies]
# 1          [hunting, mudding, fishing]                 [fishing, drinking]
# 2           [reading, movies, running]                 [knitting, reading]
# 3  [running, reading, biking, mudding]  [running, biking, fishing, movies]
# 4          [movies, reading, yodeling]                            [movies]

For each couple, determine what hobbies each man has that his wife doesn't and what hobbies each woman has that her husband doesn't.


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