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Ben Gorman

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You developed a multiplayer indie game called 🌹 Rose Thorn. Players compete in one of two venues - the ocean or the desert. You track the outcome of five games between three players in a DataFrame called games.

import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
games = pd.DataFrame({
    'bella1':   ['2nd', '3rd', '1st', '2nd', '3rd'],
    'billybob': ['1st', '2nd', '2nd', '1st', '2nd'],
    'nosoup4u': ['3rd', '1st', '3rd', '3rd', '3rd'],
    'venue': ['desert', 'ocean', 'desert', 'ocean', 'desert']
#   bella1 billybob nosoup4u   venue
# 0    2nd      1st      3rd  desert
# 1    3rd      2nd      1st   ocean
# 2    1st      2nd      3rd  desert
# 3    2nd      1st      3rd   ocean
# 4    3rd      2nd      3rd  desert

Now you want to analyze the data. Convert the games DataFrame into a new DataFrame that identifies how many times each (player, placement) occurs per venue, specifically with venue as the row index and (player, placed) as the column MultiIndex.


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