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Run the following commands to set up a new git repo with a single file, attributes.txt.

cd path/to/parent/dir/
mkdir beignet
cd beignet
git init
echo "powedered suger" > attributes.txt
echo "fluffy" >> attributes.txt
echo "delicious" >> attributes.txt
git add attributes.txt
git commit -m "added begnet attributes"

In this example, you've created one commit.

bill@gates:~$ git log --oneline # (1)!
63e5365 (HEAD -> main) added begnet attributes
  1. The --oneline flag tells git to display one line per commit.


Immediately after committing your file, you spotted two mistakes 🤦‍♀️.

  1. You misspelled "sugar" inside attributes.txt
  2. You misspelled "beignet" in the commit message

Fix these mistakes without introducing a second commit.


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