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Ben Gorman

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Scipress enables you to include high quality SVG icons in your posts. Icons are sourced from the fantastic Lucide icon library

Looking for the perfect icon?

Browse and search all Lucide icons here

Basic use

To include an icon in your post, use the :icon tag and pass the icon name in square brackets. For example

Scipress makes me so happy :icon[heart] :icon[smile]

Scipress makes me so happy

You can style icons with Tailwind CSS classes. For example,

:icon[heart]{.stroke-rose-500 .fill-rose-300}

Post icon

You can specify an icon in the YAML frontmatter of a post. This icon is rendered next to the post title in the post tree navigation.

title: Hello World
is_draft: true
icon: earth
This is my first post.

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