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Gates (i.e. paywalls) let you hide content within a post such that readers can only see it if they are subscribed to a product that unlocks it.

Gate with caption

Basic use

To gate content in a post, wrap the content inside a :::gate directive.

The secret to catching a big fish is to...
use a big bait!

Gate without producs

Gated content can only be seen by readers who are subscribed to a product that unlocks the post. In the edit post page, you can toggle the Subscribed switch to see how your gated content looks to subscribers and non subscribers.

Toggle subscribed

Unlocking gated content

Products that unlock a gate will automatically appear inside the gate to unsubscribed readers.

Products in gate


You can provide a publicly-viewable description for a gate in the :::gate label. For example,

:::gate[This gate covers not one, but TWO SQL queries!]
<!-- Gated content here... -->

Gate with caption

Lock icons in navigation

Posts with gated content will have a lock icon next to their title in the post tree navigation. Locks will display as open or closed depending on whether the reader has access to gated content in the corresponding post.