Ben Gorman

Ben Gorman

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You can easily emphasize text by making it bold or italic. You can also strikethrough text.

*I'm italic text!*
_I'm also italic!_

I'm italic text!

I'm also italic!

**I'm bold text!**
__I'm bold too!__

I'm bold text!

I'm bold too!

:hl[I'm highlited!]

I'm highlited!

~~I'm struck through!~~

I'm struck through!

:hl[~~**_I'm everything!_**~~]

I'm everything!

Escaping characters

Sometimes, you might want display asterisks, underscores, tildes, etc. in your text. For example, it's common to wrap onomatopoeias in asterisks.

He replied "Uhh, yeeahhhh *cough cough*"

If you copy+paste that sentence into your own post, you'll notice that the astersiks disappear and the coughs get italicized. This is expected because markdown italicizes text between asterisks. But we don't want this.

The fix is to escape each asterisk by preceding it with a backslash.

He replied "Uhh, yeeahhhh \*cough cough\*"

He replied "Uhh, yeeahhhh *cough cough*"