Ben Gorman

Ben Gorman

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After months of building Scipress in silent, I've slowly started sharing it with friends, family, and a few communities online. I guess you could say I finally have a working MVP, although I tend not to think of the project in terms of milestones as much as a continuously improving thing.

I'm still fixing a few bugs here and there (mostly UI stuff) and making a few tweaks before I start marketing the platform aggressively. I'd really like to find one or two people who can help me Beta test for bugs and things that may be unintuitive or missing. If you're interested, reach out to me!


Since this is my first time posting updates, literally everything about the platform is an update . Instead of being boring, I'll jot down some of the stuff I accomplished last month (December 2023).

  • Wrote the platform documentation (first draft)
  • Changed Scipress fee from "20% per sale" to "10% + $0.30 per sale". This makes us cheaper than both Substack and Gumroad. It also lets us support prices as low as $1.
  • Added support for Tailwind CSS classes in posts.
  • Support "tree view" in the Move Post Command Palette
  • Updated storage rules to allow users the ability to upload files up to 5MB in size, and 100MB in total.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes, performance enhancements, and UI improvements


Some of the things I plan to focus on next are:

  • Enahnce the docs with images & gifs
  • Find a Beta tester
  • Make the UI mobile friendly
  • Implement OAuth providers (Sign in with Google / Github)