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Ben Gorman

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Scipress now supports sellers outside the U.S. 🎉

A guy in India approached me about using Scipress to sell content. At the time, Scipress was only set up to support U.S. based sellers. His request motivated me to open the platform up to sellers in other countries. However, in a cruel twist of fate, it turns out that Stripe does not support India sellers for US based platforms. 🤷‍♂️ Regardless, Scipress is now accessible to sellers in most countries.

Scipress also got its first YouTube video tutorial + review thanks to Mona Alfonso 🙌

A few users (rightfully) complained that they lost unsaved changes to a post by navigating to a different page. Scipress now auto-saves a copy of your post every five seconds so that this doesn't happen. However, the auto-saved version is not "backed up" like a normal save, so don't rely on it!


  • Lots of bug fixes and stability + reliability improvements.
  • Sellers in most (but not all) countries are now supported
  • Added loading indicators to some long-running processes
  • Improved Discover page
    • Show root posts by default with the ability to include non-root posts
    • Show every post's path in the post card (E.g. Animals > Dogs > Pugs)
  • Display lock / unlock icons in post navigation for posts with gated content
  • Improved spacing for bulleted lists
  • Improved SEO
  • Made the products page mobile friendly
  • Made the post page sidebar fast on mobile devices
  • Allow the creation of a product that unlocks every post for an author
  • Improve seller onboarding messages and flow
  • Auto save editor content to local storage every five seconds to prevent user from losing work
  • Support refernce style images in Markdown


My primary goal for June is to acquire more users and develop a collection of instructional videos on how to use Scipress.