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Ben Gorman

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Scipress continues to improve! šŸŽ‰

I got some great feedback from users this month which I've been using to improve the platform. User feedback is invaluable. As the creator of Scipress, I know how everything's supposed to work. I know what buttons to click, where to find things, etc. It turns out that certain things I thought would be intuitive to brand new users.. are not šŸ˜‚. So, I've been working hard to improve the UX.

Additionally, I've made a bunch of bug fixes and added some really cool features for writing and selling content.


  • The Open Post command palette now shows the full path to each post along with the post name. Previously, it was possible to have two posts with the same name (e.g. "Chapter 1") that belonged to different trees (e.g. "Book A" and "Book B"). Now the Open Post command palette shows the full path so you can tell the difference. (e.g. "Book A > Chapter 1" and "Book B > Chapter 1")
  • The Move Post command palette used to have an annoying layout shift as you hovered over the elements. That's been fixed. It's also been made to look and feel just like the Open Post command palette.
  • You can now give your products coupons, optionally with promo codes. For example, you can make a promo code like SUMMER 2024 that customers can use at checkout to get a 10% discount on product XYZ. (Docs for this are coming soon!)
  • I've added tooltips to a bunch of buttons, so if you're not sure what something does, hover over it to (possibly) get more info.

New Markdown Features

  • You can highlight text in your posts

  • You can use Emoji shortcodes like :banana: šŸŒ

  • You can use popovers like this

  • You can use a blur screen to initially blur content, like the answer to a question.

    If 2 x āˆ’ 1 = 7 2x - 1 = 7 2xāˆ’1=7, then x = ? x = ? x=?

    x = 4 x = 4 x=4


Just like last month, I need to keep focussing on turning Scipress into a business. My goal is to make Scipress a full-time endeavor, but that can only happen if/when it starts generating revenue. So, this month will be about getting users.